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At O7-Organic we do our bit to improve the health of our customers by offering products such as Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) at 3000 ppm.

We offer products manufactured to the highest quality standards, with carefully selected ingredients to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

What is Chlorine Dioxide at 3000 ppm?

Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) at 3000 ppm is a biocide with great properties, it is commonly used as a disinfectant and water purifier, as it eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites from water.

Therefore, Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) at 3000 ppm is the most effective way to drink pure water because of its high disinfectant power in drinking water for humans and animals, in just a few minutes the chlorine dioxide will eliminate any trace of toxic elements.

Different ways to generate Chlorine Dioxide at 3000 ppm (CDS and MMS)

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide that can be obtained in different ways:

Online Shop where to buy Sodium Chlorite Powder to Generate Chlorine Dioxide at 3000 ppm

Sodium Chlorite is a basic component for obtaining Chlorine Dioxide, which is a gas that dissolves easily in water. Due to its effectiveness in the elimination of pathogenic agents, it is widely used throughout the world for water treatment and purification.

What is Sodium Chlorite Powder used for?

Sodium Chlorite is a 100% natural product commonly used to obtain Chlorine Dioxide.

It is used in the production of cleaning products and disinfectants, as well as in the purification of water for human and animal consumption.

Sodium Chlorite Powder is a substance needed to create a 25% aqueous solution of Sodium Chlorite, also known as a precursor in the production of Chlorine Dioxide.

O7-Organic Sodium Chlorite has a lower amount of residues, such as chlorates, and does not contain nitrates compared to other options available on the market.

How to Generate Pure Chlorine Dioxide at 3000 ppm with an Electrolytic Generator + Sodium Chlorite Powder 80%.

In order to generate Chlorine Dioxide with our Sodium Chlorite Powder, you may be interested in purchasing the worldwide patented Ultrapure CDS Electrolytic Generator, which will help you to produce Chlorine Dioxide at 3000 ppm at home. Includes 15 ml measuring scoop.

To generate Chlorine Dioxide (CDS) at 3000 ppm, 80% Chlorite Powder is used.